Zoé Panoramas

/Zoé Panoramas

Thu, Feb 14 at 7 pm

Written, produced and directed by Zoé’s drummer Rodrigo Guardiola and by Gabriel Cruz Rivas.

“Panoramas” – a title borrowed from one of their songs – is much more than a rockumentary. It is an intimate and honest tableau of an intense tour that starts in Europe, continues to South America, and ends in a recording studio in the U.S. With a masterful gaze, the film documents both public and celebrated moments of the famous Mexican band Zoé, along with more intimate moments of this band that has coexisted and created music together for more than a decade. As it should be, the driving thread behind this film is always their music. This journey through the band’s existence explores concepts such as creation, reconciliation, mistakes, silence, moments of levity, isolation and reflection, constant experimentation with their art, painful realities, and above all, the vibrant energy of their fans. Once the band hits the stage in front their fans, all else is left behind and everything once again makes sense.

Tickets are $12.50