The Nutcracker {Great Stage on Screen}

/The Nutcracker {Great Stage on Screen}

Saturday, December 15 at 12:30 pm

The famous Nutcracker, a perennial Christmas family favourite, is a ballet by Tchaikovsky based on ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’, a story by E. T. A Hoffman.

It is set at the home of the Siberhaus family on Christmas Eve, when Drosselmeyer, a High Court judge, appears and distributes gifts. Three dolls – a Prince, a Princess and the Mouse King – step out of the boxes he has brought, and in his god-daughter Clara’s imagination they come to life. He also hands out a nutcracker, which the children accidentally break. In Clara’s dream the forces of the Mouse King battle the Nutcracker and his toy soldier allies – but the nutcracker is wounded. Drosselmeyer appears and turns the nutcracker into a Prince. Clara and the Prince then go on a journey with Drosselmeyer, though a winter forest, into the realm the Fairy Queen’s Kingdom of Sweets. The Fairy Queen – who is in reality Clara’s mother – and her court receive their guests, and they all take part in a great entertainment, until Drosselmeyer leaves.

In this charming and spectacular traditional production from the Staatsballet Berlin, Clara is danced by Iana Salenko and Nutcracker by Marian Walter, two of the great stars of today’s ballet world.  The choreography is by Vasily Medvedev and Yuri Burlaka, based on the original choreography by Lev Ivanov. This ballet is a must-see for all the family.