Reinventing Rosalee

/Reinventing Rosalee

Thu, Feb 21 at 7 pm

Rosalee Glass, a former Holocaust survivor taken prisoner to a Siberian gulag during WWII transforms her destiny. In her 80s she begins an acting career, in her 90s she wins a Senior beauty pageant, and at the age of 100 she dares to ride Alaskan Sled dogs.

Upon the encouragement of Rosalee’s physician, Dr. Hiizenga, Lillian Glass (Rosalee’s daughter) sought out how to make a documentary on the life of her beloved mother, even by researching on Amazon, the techniques of Cecil B. Demille. She went on to find geniuses in the fields of film editing, cinematography, and music, and an amazing finished product resulted.

Tickets are $12.50