Cowboy and Indiana

/Cowboy and Indiana

Tue, Jan 22 at 6 pm

Demons come in many forms. For Tulsa, a former World Champion Bull Rider, they take the shape of addiction, defeat and death. With his best bull riding days well behind him, he’s trying to keep his fragile world together. How fragile is quickly seen as death comes calling close to him. This time the death angel comes in the form of a bull named Gang Banger — a bull that no man has ever been able to ride and carries a $1,000,000 bounty on his head and, now, the title of man killer.

This newest tragedy, along with a DUI, earns Tulsa a year of community service, and his community service has a name – Indiana, a young African American boy.

In most ways, Tulsa and Indiana really couldn’t be more different. Tulsa grew up on a farm, which eventually led him to being become a successful bull rider. Indiana is growing up in a gang-infested neighborhood. His single mom, Velena, is doing her best to protect him, but trouble and the streets are quickly becoming Indiana’s life. Even with their different backgrounds, Tulsa and Indiana begin to form a relationship.

Indiana’s dad, Marcus, has never really been a part of his life, mainly because of his years in prison. But Marcus has been reformed during his time in prison and that transformation has him determined to make it right. Fulfilling his sentence, Marcus’ first priority after his release is to be involved in Indiana’s life. Marcus returns only to find that his role as father has been replaced by a white bull rider. In a final attempt to put his life back together and seek revenge, Tulsa takes his own shot at Gang Banger, even if it costs him everything – which it just might. Will Tulsa be able to defeat his demons and a killer bull while fulfilling his commitment as a mentor, or will the ride prove too difficult? Will Indiana be able to escape the destiny that awaits him? Will Marcus be able to be a dad to a child he doesn’t even know?