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First-run movies with 5 screens to choose from. Bainbridge Cinemas is located in the Pavilion which also houses several restaurants. The theaters all have state of the art Dolby Surround Sound, very comfortable seating and an option to show 3-D films.


Equipment is available that provides captioned content for hearing impaired individuals, and we also have special headphones for both hearing and visually impaired movie-goers. These are two channel listening assistive headphones that provide a descriptive scene-to-scene commentary of the film being shown. They also allow hearing impaired customers to turn up the volume of the film without disturbing anyone else.

In addition to the headphones, closed caption headset receivers (glasses) are made available that display captions during the film, which allow you to see the screen as well as read the dialogue. These fit over regular glasses. Another option is the gooseneck closed caption receiver that you can stick right into the cup holder next to you. It also displays the dialogue of the film.

Please inquire at the box office.