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Adults: $13.00
Senior: $10.25
Children: $10.25
Military and First Responder: $10.25
Matinee(Before 5 pm): $10.25

*3D: $2 surcharge
*Senior Tuesday: $9.00
*Online Ticket fee: $1.25
*Special event pricing may vary

Senior tickets ages 65+
Child tickets ages 1-11



No Backpacks
No Costumes
No outside Drink or Food
Filming or recording of any kind is against the law. Violators will be prosecuted.


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Housed in a charming Tudor style building near Lynwood Center on Bainbridge Island, the theatre offers foreign, classic and indie films in an intimate setting.

Edna & Emanual Olson opened the original Lynwood Theatre as the Island’s first “talking picture” theatre on July 3, 1936 with the musical comedies Times Square Playboy and She Couldn’t Take It.

Plans are now in the works for the 85th Anniversary celebration in 2021.

KEVIN LYNCH - General Manager The first movie I can remember seeing was Fantasia. My Mom loaded up our 1958 Ford Station Wagon with four of the neighborhood kids, gave us each a quarter for popcorn and ushered us to the local theatre, The Loyola in Westchester, CA. It wasn’t in my vocabulary at the time, but had it been, awesome is the adjective I would have used to describe the experience. I have been a fan (and Sorcerer’s Apprentice) since that day, with a bullet-point bio including;

Communication Arts

Film School


TV and Film Production

Screenwriting (latest is Once An Enemy, copywrite 2022)


Producer, Director.

And now as General Manager of the Historic Lynwood Theatre. In between those dots I have been in magazine publishing, in MWR for the Department of Defense, a heavy constriction union carpenter, owner of an auto parts store, an indoor cycling instructor and helped create the prototype for the Peloton. In between THAT I have had the honor of completing 15 Ironman events and playing drums in several country and rock outfits.

I can honestly say that it has been a wild ride. I have traveled the world and been on both sides of the camera, stage and screen.

With the best part being that this cinematic wild ride is (hopefully) a long way from rolling its closing credits.

Come see us at The Historic Lynwood Theatre for a magical mixture of movies and music. And real butter on the popcorn.

Kevin M. Lynch

Kevin hosts a weekly podcast for the Lynwood Theatre, you can listen here