A celebration through film of the love between dogs, their people- and the animal welfare groups that bring them together.

Sunday, August 6 at the Historic Admiral Theater in West Seattle

Seattle dog lovers can have the full experience of the  2nd Annual NY Dog Film Festival™ by seeing both of the completely different programs of new films at 3 PM and 5 PM.  Perfect for dog lovers of all ages, the two programs each feature a different medley of documentary, animated and live-action short canine-themed films from around the world. The films illuminate human-canine love and are uplifting, with happy outcomes. Each program runs approximately 75 minutes.

Dogs will be welcome in the theater, once again delighting the avid dog lovers of Seattle and proving the Festival’s own mission of showing how remarkable the bond is between dogs and their people.

Human tickets are $12 with a portion of every ticket going to Furry Faces.

Admission for dogs is $5 / Service dogs are free

The first program is called “Outdoor Adventures with Dogs.” It runs a total of 77 minutes and comprises 6 films, including “My Trail Dog” [South African filmmaker Dean Leslie’s lyrical look at a man who runs the Swiss Alps with his dogs], “One Man and His Dog” [from Australian filmmaker Dean Saffron, who documents a fellow Aussie’s joyous skate boarding lifestyle with his Samoyed], and the breathtaking documentary “The Mystery of the Arctic Cairn” [that follows a team of intrepid explorers and their tempestuous Inuit sled dogs as they explore the icy wilderness of the Canadian Arctic].

The second program is called “Who Rescued Whom?” It runs 74 minutes and includes 9 films including “Nobody’s Perfect,” [a touching documentary about an Australian couple whose pack of disabled dogs still enjoy life], “Dogs in the Pen,” [a documentary about a special program offered to female inmates in California to train shelter dogs as service animals], “Pup Culture” [about the delightfully odd ways that dogs are part of life in Melbourne, Australia], and the powerful animated film “Steadfast Stanley” about canine loyalty.

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