The Varsity Theatre, located in Seattle’s University District, has been operating as a movie theatre since 1940, when it only had one screen.  In the 1980s, an expansion added two more screens upstairs for a total of three.

In early 2015, The Varsity Theatre underwent another series of renovations, including the conversion from 35mm film to digital cinema and digital surround sound, and the addition of 3D capabilities (and we never charge our movie-goers an extra surcharge for 3D!).  The whole theatre was improved and an entirely new concessions area was created as well.

The Varsity Theatre prides itself on showing a variety of contemporary and mainstream movies, independent films, documentaries, and avant-garde art performances, and also offers showings from Fathom Events.

In addition to free parking on the weekends and after 6:00 pm on weekdays (see below), The Varsity Theatre also boasts a soundproof “Crying Room” in the back of one of our auditoriums for parents with young children who still enjoy a good movie in the theatres!


Free parking is available to movie-goers all weekend long and after 6:00 pm on weekdays at two lots. Both are across from each other on Brooklyn Avenue Northeast between 45th and 47th Streets. The lot on the east side of the street is primary, and the lot on the west side of Brooklyn is overflow.

When you return to your car after the show, place your ticket stub in the yellow envelope left on your windshield. Deposit in the parking lot pay box and you’re all set to go!

Please feel free to ask the theater staff if you have any questions.